Goddess Conference Podcast

Meet Sara C Motta

September 09, 2022 The Goddess Conference Season 1 Episode 9
Goddess Conference Podcast
Meet Sara C Motta
Show Notes

Welcome to this magical episode where I get to spend 40 minutes speaking to Sara C Motta, a mother, Priestess, curandera, popular educator and Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle.
She is a magical weaver of words as you will find out as we speak about what it means to be multiple, with multiple lineages and still feeling grounded and at home in our bodies and on the land. 
We talk about moving from being survivors and speaking from our wounded place, to knowing that we are whole and expand from there. 
We speak about being our full magical selves in "normal" educational spaces and what that can be like.

You can find Sara at
and her books
Liminal Subjects: Weaving (Our) Liberation

Reoccupying the Political

Constructing Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America: The Role of Radical Education (Marxism and Education)